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Zero Trust Cybersecurity via LoginCat

Cybersecurity is an increasingly critical issue, as more and more businesses, as well as people, move to Cloud and internally hosted Web Applications. For example, every other day we hear about a hacker breaching some corporate firm or another. Most hackers these days are from well funded groups, and well trained in being able to hack various computer systems.

Zero Trust Concept

The continued, high frequency of successful cyberattacks against today’s enterprises has made it abundantly clear that traditional, perimeter-centric security strategies are no longer effective.

Zero Trust – The model that says we can’t assume our internal network is not breached. Exact same model applies to cloud, of course as well, since hackers can always access at least the login page of cloud applications, as they are exposed to the internet.

Cybersecurity Challenges

If your organization gets hacked, it affects you. Some of the most important issues to consider are:

  • How rapidly will you detect the situation?
  • Can you adopt a zero trust solution to make your applications much harder to hack?
  • How will you recover from a compromised cloud application, so that you are re-secure once the breach has been detected?
  • Hackers hack in order to gain a financial advantage. The sooner you detect the hack, the lesser the advantage. How do you detect a compromised account as quick as possible?
  • How will you prevent loss of confidential data?

The password problem

Remember at the end of every successful hack, the hacker is trying to eventually gain access to an internal application or database by cracking its password. There are various very successful strategies to crack passwords these days.

  • Keyloggers When they work are the easiest.
  • Rainbow tables Hack passwords as a service http://project-rainbowcrack.com/table.htm
  • GPU Based Cracking Current class of GPUs like Radeon R9 Fury X2 which pack 17,204 GLOPS of processing power are 1,511 times faster than the Deep Blue Supercomputer from 2000s. Crakers and hackers routinely build rigs which cluster up to 25 of these GPUs to crack passwords. https://goo.gl/1nVst6. This is same power as Blue Gene Supercomputer at Livermore Nuclear Laboratory to simulate nuclear reactions.

The password problem - but I thought there were stronger solutions out there?

No there really aren't. For example

  • Two factor authentication How many of us actually find it convenient to look at our cell every time we need to login to our email? What happens if you don't have the cell handy? Or if it gets stolen? How much more inconvenient will it be to lose access to all your cloud applications and when you lose your cell, at the same time?

  • Biometric? Thumb? - Every thing you touch will now contain your password. This is one of the easiest "security measures" to break. There are at least 7 different currently known ways to defeat this. For example, hackers have shown rubber prints can be constructed to defeat fingerprint based authentication.

  • Iris? Megapixel cameras can steal your Iris patterns.

  • Facial Identification? Face masks take care of defeating this security measure.

  • Good old passwords? Well they get hacked!

TekMonks' LoginCat Technology

We at TekMonks have spent our entire careers consulting for large Enterprises. We have seen these security issues, and the proposed solutions, none of which are practical, or that much more secure. TekMonks has developed a comprehensive Zero, and for the first time, Negative Trust based cybersecurity solution which handles these security challenges while avoiding the pitfalls of all the above listed proposed solutions.

TekMonks' LoginCat Technology - A Summary

First we secure ourselves from hacking.

  • We eliminates passwords. We use Patented passphrase technology which is many magnitudes safer.
  • Secondly, we eliminates User IDs as well. No hack targets, zero exposure, zero trust.
  • We use a single field passphrase based authentication – Mathematically proven to be extremely hard to hack, even with today’s computing speeds

Next we secure both internal, and cloud applications, by building zero and negative trust zones around them.

  • We assume hackers are already active – Built in login manager secures existing internal applications and cloud applications against hacking, by proactively controlling and managing their logins and throwing zero and negative trust zones around them
  • Deep algorithm based edge security – stops hackers from even trying to attempt a hack.
  • Quantum computing resistant – No use of asymmetric keys which are easily hacked by Quantum computers.

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