TekMonks designs and delivers, globally, business-driven technology solutions that enable our clients' businesses to become more responsive to market opportunities and threats. This enables them to strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, improve productivity and reduce costs. We believe in strong skills and when our consultants put together a business and technology strategy for each of our clients, we are enabling them to adapt business processes and systems to the changing demands of an increasingly global, Internet-driven and competitive marketplace.

Some of the areas and products we provide services on are listed below.


Corby is the foremost Artificial Intelligence banking bot which not only answers customer’s questions but also performs complete banking transactions.


API 400

API/400 provides a single common gateway for REST based API calls to reach business assets and data on the AS/400 operating systems. TekMonks' API/400 product allows creating API based services quickly. Capability is provided to directly expose DB/400 data as APIs and to convert existing RPG code to API calls.



We at TekMonks have spent our entire careers consulting for large Enterprises. We have seen these security issues, and the proposed solutions, none of which are practical, or that much more secure. TekMonks has developed a comprehensive Zero, and for the first time, Negative Trust based cybersecurity solution which handles these security challenges while avoiding the pitfalls of all the above listed proposed solutions.



Monkshu is TekMonks designed admin portal for LoginCat Cloud Security. Its primary purpose is to check LoginCat's Smart firewall for any unauthorized entry into the system and warn the user for suspicious malware activity