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API/400 for iSeries Systems

Mobile 2.0 And The API Economy

Over the last 5 years, a significant shift has occurred in the marketplace regarding how consumers and employees expect to interact with businesses and government institutions. Many studies have now identified this shift away from an Enterprise-centric market to an Individual-centric marketplace. These days customers expect a business to provide its entire core functionality from the convenience of their mobile devices. This is known as the Mobile 2.0 wave, and business that can't adapt to this are increasingly being disrupted by fast moving mobile centric start-ups.

For example, almost everyone is aware of Uber using Mobile 2.0 apps to disrupt the taxi industry; however, Uberization of businesses goes beyond taxis. For example Insurance industry is being disrupted by Mobile 2.0 companies like Metromile, which use Smartphone connected apps to monitor driving habits leading to lower insurance premiums for the consumers, and better, more accurate risk management for the insurance companies.

Migrating To Mobile 2.0 Apps With APIs

A core requirement to be able to expose your business processes on mobile devices is to extend existing enterprise applications onto a mobile platform. By doing this a business can quickly capitalize on its existing investment without the need to develop an entirely new solution to support mobile services.

When it comes to succeeding in this application economy, usability and speed to market are everything. Move too slow and your customers will turn to your competitors. Deliver the apps and services your customers want when they want them, and the market is yours. So, how can app developers and IT managers that support AS/400 platforms enable an exceptional experience and rapidly innovate and iterate the apps and services that will drive competitive advantage? The answer lies in exposing your existing AS/400 Enterprise Applications and Data as APIs, leading to rapid and full featured Mobile 2.0 apps which will deliver your full business functionality to the mobile ecosystem.

Consider, however, that although reusing what you already have is a good approach, mobile and cloud-based applications require a different style of service that is based on lightweight RESTful interfaces, known as APIs, which are not normally available in today’s AS/400 applications.

This is where TekMonks' API/400 Product helps.

TekMonks API/400

API/400 provides a single common gateway for REST based API calls to reach business assets and data on the AS/400 operating systems. TekMonks' API/400 product allows creating API based services quickly. Capability is provided to directly expose DB/400 data as APIs and to convert existing RPG code to API calls.

Using API/400 Mobile applications can incorporate AS/400 data and transactions into their applications without needing to understand AS/400 subsystems, or having to rewrite the existing code. This reduces the time to market, manifolds, but most importantly significantly reduces risk by utilizing existing Enterprise systems and capabilities and exposing them as regular REST APIs to the Mobile 2.0 world.

TekMonks API/400 enables AS/400 based programs and data to participate fully in the new API economy.

API400 - Integration Software for the Mobile and API Economy

Completing the Picture - From API/400 to Mobile 2.0

Once the existing AS/400 programs and data are available as APIs the next step is to manage them, secure them and then finally exploit them using a powerful Mobile app. IBM's API Management software provides an out of the box solution for managing the set of APIs and exposing them to developers and B2B customers.

Similarly IBM's DataPower appliances can be used to secure the API by preventing unauthorized access.

IBM's MobileFirst Server can be used to create powerful, cross platform Mobile 2.0 apps that utilize these APIs to allow full business functionality to be exposed and exercised by today's mobile savvy consumers.

API400 and Monkshu - Complete Mobility and Web Enablement for AS400

Let's Chat About Moving To A Mobile 2.0 Business

API/400 is the key to unlocking the existing capabilities, technology and data within your AS/400 systems enabling you to not just adapt but compete and exploit the new Mobile First operating landscape that today's businesses find themselves in.

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