Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of computers to perform functions associated with human intelligence such as reasoning, learning, and problem solving. The AI-enabled computers are able to recognize images, understand language, and perform complex reasoning while making any decision based on sophisticated mathematical analyses.

How TekMonks reshape your business with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

TekMonks is working with global clients to use artificial intelligence for any business challenge. We help companies to build a range of AI solutions that learn and think like humans using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition and Machine Learning feature. AI solutions offered by TekMonks empowers organization with business growth and helps in reducing their cost.

We have been using the artificial intelligence technologies and implementing cognitive computing to augment human decision-making. Our motive is to increase the adoption of artificial intelligence across all enterprises and enabling them to stay competitive.

TekMonks Artificial Intelligence Practice

IBM Watson is emerging as the most scalable and advanced AI business platform in the world. As an IBM Business Partner, TekMonks understand how the capabilities of Watson can be best applied to your business. With the help of Watson, TekMonks offer the following AI services:


Chatbots are the software programs that help human to computer interaction. It provides an organisation with the opportunity to automate human-computer interaction. TekMonks is experienced in designing, developing and implementing chatbots across multiple digital platforms like mobile, web or messenger. Chatbots help the business to chat with their customers anytime without investing in customer support.

Virtual Agent

To provide automated services to your customers.With IBM Watson technology, Tekmonks offers a cognitive, conversational self-service experience that can help you provide answers and take action accordingly.

Text to Speech

Enabling your system to speak like human. TekMonks provide an AI solution that converts written text into natural sounding audio in multiple languages and voices.

Speech to Text

To transcribe any audio into written text for better understanding of content. TekMonks offers powerful real-time speech recognition system with highly accurate speech engine to support various use cases.

Artificial Intelligence is the future of business and TekMonks helps your business in driving growth and efficiency with advanced AI-powered applications. Don’t wait switch to AI technology now!