Enterprise Mobility Solution and Management: Blackberry

BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions

TekMonks is also one of the select few tech firms with a dedicated team and expertise in the Blackberry 10 platform. Our portfolio for Blackberry consists of Enterprise reference apps across industry verticals and Blackberry 10 API technologies.

TekMonks is also one of the very few companies with skills in both Blackberry 10 Cascades API as well as Web Works 2.2 Gold.

Our Blackberry Enterprise Skills

With an experienced team of dedicated BlackBerry 10 consultants, TekMonks offers several compelling advantages to our Blackberry clients, including

  • Ability to leverage our Enterprise experience, in analyzing your business requirements.
  • A dedicated Blackberry 10 team of consultants.
  • Extensive testing, including specialized testing for BES and Blackberry apps.
  • End-to-end and turnkey solutions.
  • Dedicated Maintenance and Support, post production.
  • Our focus on Enterprise Security, including private stores and applications.

A Sampling of our Blackberry Applications

  • Enterprise Messenger A secure intra-company messaging platform. First developed for some of our Law Firm clients.
  • Business Card Manager A business card scanner and management solution for busy C-level executives.
  • Cinic Management App A healthcare application for North American walk-in clinics. Can be used to book Doctor Appointments, without having to wait on calls. Saves the time of the clinic and results in better patient experience.