IBM Bluemix Services and Consulting

IBM Bluemix Consulting

Bluemix is the PaaS based cloud offering from IBM. It enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud. Bluemix delivers enterprise-level services allowing you to build cloud applications without having to manage infrastructure or challenges such scaling.

In today's API and Cloud based digital economy Bluemix provides the rapid development environment organizations need to react to users' demands for new features. The Bluemix platform and the cloud provide the elasticity and capacity flexibility organizations require when their applications explode in popularity.

TekMonks Bluemix Consulting Services

TekMonks was an early adopter of Cloud technologies, including Javascript based server-side platforms like Node.js and StrongLoop. We are one of the very few organizations with deep skills in Bluemix, Strongloop, Node.js and other cloud based PaaS technologies.

Our team of Bluemix experts has deep experience in the Bluemix platform as well as core technologies behind Bluemix like Node.js SDK, WebSphere Liberty Profile, Cloudfare applications and Docker Containers. From determining the business case for developing on Bluemix, to designing, deploying and managing complex Bluemix applications and services, we provide a full suite of consulting and technology solutions for IBM Bluemix Platform.

TekMonks IBM Partnership and Bluemix Sample Application

TekMonks is an Advanced IBM Partner and we are a pioneer in Bluemix deployments. TekMonks is one of the first companies to develop and host a native Strongloop and Bluemix sample application, highlighting our skills on the Bluemix platform. Access the TekMonks sample Weather application on the Bluemix platform - WeatherMix.