Cloud Computing

Enterprise Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing, often referred to as simply "the cloud", is the delivery of on-demand computing resources, everything from applications to data centers, over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis.

From running our own company on the cloud, to cloud enabling our Enterprise Partners. TekMonks has been on the forefront of cloud computing. We have invested heavily in cloud trained resources to help our customers take advantage of upcoming wave of Cloud solutions.


Amazon Partner Network


TekMonks also is one of the few Amazon certified cloud solution providers in the world, which demonstrates the deep understanding TekMonks has in the cloud space. We are also enabled on Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and IBM Cloud solutions.

TekMonks' Cloud computing Services

Our cloud computing services portfolio consists of

  • Cloud Deployment of Enterprise server side applications This requires setting up of the Cloud ecosystem, including the Application Container that the application will execute upon, and configuring the required load-balanced auto-scaled environment to suit our client's needs. The application is then deployed on this Cloud system, with the appropriate backup strategies in place.
  • Migration to Cloud We help Enterprises move their existing infrastructure to Cloud to reduce their costs and optimize their operations. We can perform a Cloud feasibility study to figure out the readiness of a given Enterprise application to be migrated to the cloud. While true cloud enablement in many cases requires a redevelopment of certain modules of the application to take advantage of the Cloud using our cloud adapters, we are able to migrate an application quickly to the cloud. For example, we have a Java File I/O to Amazon EC2 EBS adaptor to cloud enable an application's storage. We have similar adaptors for migrating from custom databases to Cloud Database, resulting in a low risk migration path for Enterprise applications to the cloud.
  • Ability to use multiple Cloud solution providers like Microsoft Azure, IBM, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace TekMonks has created an infrastructure to allow people to move between various Cloud solution providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace very quickly. The API layer has been encapsulated in such a way that the customer's client layer undergoes very little changes when the underlying Cloud layer is changed, the bulk of the work happens at the data store layer when a data migration may be required.

Cloud Solution Providers We Support

TekMonks is skilled and proficient working with the following cloud providers

  • Amazon EC2 TekMonks is a certified Amazon EC2 Solution Provider, and has worked with numerous customers deploying their solutions on the Amazon Cloud.
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft technologies is one of the strong areas for TekMonks, and we have continued on that path by developing expertise on Microsoft Azure cloud platform. For .Net applications Microsoft's Azure platform is almost always a leading choice for a cloud platform. TekMonks has capabilities to utilize the Microsoft Azure cloud platform from scratch as well as migrate existing Enterprise Applications to Azure.
  • Rackspace Rackspace is a strong alternative to Amazon EC2. TekMonks has consulted and advised a few of our clients in their utilization of the Rackspace cloud services platform.