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TekMonks Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Software runs deep in our blood. TekMonks was founded on three guiding principles - be a cutting edge, reasonably priced, low risk Enterprise solutions provider to the world's leading Businesses. Since our founding we have consistently delivered on this promise.

TekMonks designs and delivers, globally, business-driven technology solutions that enable our clients' businesses to become more responsive to market opportunities and threats. This enables them to strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, improve productivity and reduce costs. We believe in strong skills and when our consultants put together a business and technology strategy for each of our clients, we are enabling them to adapt business processes and systems to the changing demands of an increasingly global, Internet-driven and competitive marketplace.

The Enterprise Software Challenge

Today's enterprise IT organizations face an accelerating array of challenges in the provision of ongoing value to their business constituents. With the continued evolution of technologies, and significant downward pressure on operating budgets many organizations are accelerating efforts to improve efficiencies. Introduction of new technologies, designed to keep organizations competitive in an ever changing market, forces IT departments into competition for skilled implementation resources and the need to retool their existing internal competencies. Traditional challenges include:

  • Budget pressure
  • Access to skilled labor
  • Consistent IT program governance
  • Keeping up with Technology Changes
  • Allocation of internal resources
  • IT Security

How We Can Help

Take advantage of TekMonks' deep Enterprise consulting skills to mitigate the Enterprise Solutions challenge.

Our Enterprise Solutions will deliver the solution which is the best fit for your Business case requirements. That's our core focus - ensuring the solution fits your business requirements. We provide end-to-end consulting - right from the business solution requirements till the end of project, and the release of product. Our Enterprise Solutions will deliver the best out of your Enterprise IT investment.

From the largest Insurance companies, to the largest global Banks, to some of the largest Healthcare hospital networks in the world, TekMonks has a proven track record of simplifying complicated Enterprise Requirements, and delivering the solutions that work.

Enterprise Solutions Showcase

Some examples of Enterprise Solutions we have developed and delivered:

  • A Producer Management System to one of the largest insurance company in the world.
  • An end-to-end Healthcare Process Management System to one of the largest healthcare company in the world.
  • Managed and developed Solutions to manage one of the largest Airports in the world.
  • An Phone Number Management Solution to one of the largest telecom companies in the world.
  • A Cloud Security Management Solution to one of the largest Financial Institution in the world.

World's leading companies trust us - See What We Can Do for You

We are so sure of our skills, that in many cases we will Fix Price our engagements, and tag a success criteria to our deliverables. We are the only IT Company to do this, and consistently deliver on our promises.