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In 2014, more than half of consumer bank interactions around the world took place through online or mobile channels. If we include ATMs and the share of electronic, digital interactions exceeds 85% today and could hit 95% by 2020. Technology is at the heart of this transformation, and with the right capabilities financial firms can compete against nimble, technologically sophisticated start-ups that are reimagining ways to serve customers' financial needs. Executives see the opportunity to deliver differentiated customer experiences and "wow" moments like the ability to deposit checks with a mobile phone camera, remote bill pay or even basic transactions delivered through a good mobile app. And this trend accelerates for younger customers: 39% of those over the age of 45 considered the quality of a mobile app when switching banks, but 58% of those younger than 45 took it into account.

TekMonks - A Leader in FI IT Services

TekMonks is a leading global provider of technology and services to the financial services industry, serving some of the largest Banking and Insurance industry clients in over 6 countries.

Technology is at the heart of Finance, technologies like Bit Coins, Electronic only banks, Electronic only Wire and Foreign Exchange services are disrupting traditional roles of banks.

You need a technology partner that sees the future, that can anticipate the future, that is global like you, that is us at TekMonks. For more than half a decade we have been working with some of the largest Banks and Insurance companies around the world, delivering successful IT solutions for Financial Institutions.

Our Capabilities

TekMonks' financial-institutions technology team has extensive experience assisting financial institution clients with:

  • Development and implementation of proprietary software and solutions, including mobile wallets, point-of-sale solutions and commerce engines.
  • Managed Services of the technology infrastructure and capabilities.
  • Custom systems development.
  • Banking Integration services.
  • Technology/hosted services (including software as a service (SaaS and cloud computing).


TekMonks hisotry is filled with successful projects for large Banks and Insurance companies. Some of our sample successes are listed below:

  • Largest Insurance Company in Mid-East US When they were facing frequent outages, TekMonks helped rescue and implement the agent on-boarding process for the largest insurance company in Mid-East US.

  • A Cloud Security Management Solution to one of the largest Financial Institution in the world.

  • Producer Management and Compensation System TekMonks is the IT company powering the reinvigoration of the producer management and compensation system of one of the largest Insurance companies in Japan.