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Mainframe Consulting

COBOL applications comprise huge investments, enormous business-specific know-how and decades of experience. These sophisticated applications run error-free and resource-optimized. They support the business-critical processes, they still are continually in further development in order to fulfil new requirements and to add new functions.

Modernisation of Mainframe/COBOL Applications

Actual modernisation of Mainframe applications that goes beyond a simple face-lift generally leads to a comprehensive transformation of the application architecture. This includes, for example, building a layered architecture, extracting data accesses into a separate service layer, unhinging front-ends, re-using application functions as services.

TekMonks offers a stepwise modernisation platform that is perfectly tailored to your individual modernisation requirements and that delivers measurable results early. The targeted transformation will be performed in the way that it directly takes the future application architecture into account. You will be able to replace old techniques, development paradigms and components in a secure way. You will obtain clearly structured, stable and flexible applications. You will obtain applications that also stand the next and the next but one changes. We automate real paradigm changes, even for old or self-developed generator systems and make sure that the maintenance and development of your applications won't be blocked and the on-going business operation won't be endangered.

Meet New Requirements with Modernized Flexible Mainframe Applications

The modernisation of existing legacy applications is one of the best ways to increase the IT's productivity with acceptable costs and to better support the business processes. However, every software transformation project is unique, so standard solutions do not help.

Discuss your ideas with us. Together with you we will work out tailor-made solution strategies that will exactly meet your requirements.