Enterprise Managed Services

TekMonks Managed Services Offerings

Many IT organizations rely on internal IT development staff to provide support to deployed applications, incurring hidden elevated operational costs, at the expense of predictable delivery, as development resources are pulled from strategic project work.

TekMonks Managed Services Offerings blends very experienced team members and our Global Delivery Centers to provide a comprehensive, configurable and reliable solution that can scale to full 24x7 support for critical applications.

Technologies We Support

We support the entire spectrum of Enterprise Software solutions - as part of our managed offerings. These include:

  • IBM Managed Service Offerings Support for all IBM Middleware Products, including but not limited to, DataPower, CastIron, MQ, WebSphere Application Server, Portal and Process Servers, IIB, DB2, InfoSpehere, Cognos, WebSphere Commerce, and other IBM products.
  • Orace Managed Service Offering Support for all Oracle Middleware Products, including but not limited to, Oracle Database, MySQL, ExaData, NoSQL, WebLogic Server, and other Oracle products.
  • Cloud Management Offerings Support for all Amazon EC2 Cloud deployments, including but not limited to, EC2 Servers, EC2 S3, Elastic Load Balancing, BeanStalk and other Amazon EC2 technologies.
  • Microsoft Managed Service Offerings Support for all Microsoft Middleware Products, including but not limited to .Net Windows Servers, IIS, SharePoint, BizTalk, Microsoft Dynamics and other Microsoft Products.
  • Linux and JBoss Managed Service Offerings Support for all SuSe Linux and Redhat Products, including but not limited to, RHEL Linux, JBoss Application Server, Redhat Enterprise Viritualization.

Managed Service Benefits

  • Total Cost Predictability A single yearly subscription fee gets you a complete, unlimited IT managed services solution. This significantly lowers total cost of ownership and management.
  • System Reliability and Performance Prevents issues, reduces downtime impact, cost and duration.
  • IT spending focused on issue avoidance and service optimization rather than "fighting fires" Through our unlimited managed service offering, IT spend is always under control and predictable. Also when needed, we automatically scale to provide the highest level of response to issues.
  • A complete IT management solution Our offering allows you to focus on your core competency and not your IT management.

Can you afford not to?


  • Client and user service level and quality.
  • System uptime and performance.
  • Staff productivity.
  • Cost predictability.
  • Alignment of core IT resources to business needs.


  • Total cost of IT management.
  • Emergency IT issues.
  • Downtime and lost productivity costs.