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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

While Mobile Applications are mainstream now, Enterprise Mobility is still in its infancy. The current state of Enterprise Mobility Solutions mirrors the state of Enterprise Web Solutions in early 2000s. There is still a long way to go, and, today when most IT companies don't even differentiate between Mobile Apps, and Enterprise Mobility, TekMonks is on the absolute bleeding edge of Enterprise Class Mobility solutions.

Enterprise Mobility Development

Mobile devices are constantly gaining in memory, storage, CPU speed, and screen quality, thereby continually opening new business perspectives. At the leading edge of the market, we are able to offer a clear view of the most recent opportunities and high-quality native, web, and hybrid applications of use to your business.

We offer application development on the most commonly used platforms (iOS, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry) using dynamic mobile project templates. The resulting high-quality applications call on the most advanced mobile features (Gimbal Location Awareness, GIS, Augmented Reality, GPS, NFC, etc.) and run out-of-the-box on all available market mobile platforms.

From Native to Hybrid Enterprise Mobile Apps developed from a single source base application, tested by Enterprise Mobility Platform Team (EMPT). In addition, TekMonks is the only IT consulting company to recognize that today Enterprises are required to support dual platforms - Web and Mobile. We have developed an end-to-end Architecture and Product, called MobiML to help reduce the complexity of such a diverse code base. TekMonks MobiML is a complete mobile application lifecycle management architecture that we make available as part of our Mobility Solution which is easily integrated into your infrastructure, offering a significant cost and risk reduction.

We combine our in-depth knowledge of mobile platforms with our proven experience in software development to make sure we meet your exact requirements as well as a high standard of application quality to ensure continuity, performance, and rapid ROI.

How We Can Help

Take advantage of TekMonks' proven Enterprise Mobility consulting skills to leap over your competition and conquer the Enterprise Mobility Solutions challenge.

Mobility Solutions Showcase

Some examples of Enterprise Solutions we have developed and delivered:

  • Healthcare Mobility Solution TekMonks has developed a end-to-end Healthcare application for a large Healthcare firm in Waterloo, Ontario which runs across the board from Android to BlackBerry platform.
  • Gimbal Based Mobility Retail Solution Gimbal is a location aware Bluetooth based beacon platform by Qualcomm ( Our Gimbal based app will be one of the primary demo apps for Gimbal and Qualcomm. It is assumed that Gimbal will revolutionize in-store merchandising process for brick based retailers, and others.
  • iPad POS Solution A revolutionary app to transform a simple iPad into a complete smart POS system for retail clients, this includes cash transaction processing, credit card processing as well as smart features like customer history, points and awards and smart upsells based on customer recognition.

Enterprise Mobility - Run with the leader

We are one of the very few IT companies to recognize Enterprise Mobility as a separate vertical. It is no longer about App Stores and Mobile Apps - this is the time to embrace Enterprise wide mobility solutions and architecture for a business advantage over your competitors. Run with the company that shares this vision.