Startup Software Development

Rocket Your Startup

When you're a startup, you need to move fast so you can sell to your customers and gain traction. You might have funding, but not enough developers or designers to do the actual work. You might also be missing out on people with key skills. We can help you get off the ground. From product conceptualization, to design to implementation. With trackable milestones, and VC friendly status updates. We have done it all, and we can help you achieve your goals.

Get your minimal viable product out there!

Some of our Startup Solutions

  • Startup Solution Consulting - From Concept to Strategy Web or Mobile? Native or HTML5? Our experience in the mobile and web solution space can help you determine which strategy to adopt for your product.
  • Product Development Taking into consideration your business and solution requirements and objectives, we can help you develop your product - so you can focus on what's important for your startup - developing your business.
  • Varied Development Services iOS Development, iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Android Development, Backend Development, Web Presence and Web App Development - Across the spectrum of technology, we have done it all, and we will support you whatever is the right technical solution for your product. Being a full lifecycle IT Services company, with Global Delivery centers, you will never feel handicapped to implement what you need to implement to take your Startup idea from an idea to a viable, successful product.

Stable, Experienced, VC Friendly, Low Risk

With a proven track record, helping startups achieve their product goals, from concept to the app, we will be your trusted partner. We understand Startups, we were once one, we are committed to reasonable costs - keeping our margins and your risk to a minimum. We provide a level a trust to your VC and other funding partners, that your technology risk is minimal, and your product is viable.