TekMonks Consulting Services - Telecom Vertical

Telecom Technology

The telecom IT services industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive outsourcing business markets in the world. In the past 10 years, it has grown and evolved tremendously due to dramatic changes in the way people communicate.

With changing end-user communication needs, telecom infrastructure providers need to continuously upgrade their communication services. But to deliver such services it's not sufficient to just look at telecom IT service capabilities alone. For instance, succeeding in the 3G business is not only about creating a few Java scripts and succeeding in some middleware but also about providing technical support to the processes and providing technically sound manpower at the backend.

Our Capabilities

TekMonks works closely with some of the global telecommunication companies and has developed innovative telecom infrastructure management solutions for every type of customer from this sector. TekMonks provides end-to-end telecom solution services including

  • Custom application development
  • End user computing
  • Data center management services
  • Telecom security services
  • Systems integration
  • Cross functional services

We are a global provider of technology and services to the Telecom Industry. TekMonks' technology team has extensive experience assisting our clients with:

  • Managing Telco IT infrastructure We are experts in IBM, Oracle and Open Source systems. TekMonks has implemented and managed the infrastructure for some of the largest Telco firms across North America.
  • Mobility Solutions Mobile applications and mobility solutions are our strength. This translates to developing Enterprise grade mobility applications which can be deployed accross the Telco enterprise and to end customers, as white-labeled application. This allows you to provide mobility solutions that enable your customers' devices, applications and data to work together securely.
  • Voice Enabled Applications As an IBM Certified WebSphere Voice Response partner, we are one of the few companies with experience and knowledge in developing Voice Enabled applications for the Telco industry. We are able to either integrate these Voice Applications with PSTN or end to end IP/SIP termination gateways.

Our IT services can transform your organization, and move you into the new technology first world of Telecom.