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Teleworkr allows your employees remote access to their office desktops and applications and a virtual office like psychological environment, with the highest level of zero trust cybersecurity. Thus, ensuring your organization is productive, and data is secure.

Why Teleworking?

Teleworking is increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, including work life balance. The basic widespread availability of internet access and mobile computing devices makes it a viable option for all types of organizations.

To hit on a current issue we are all facing globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a great many of us work from home, meaning organizations are struggling to find a way to alow easy, secure and reliable access to their organizations systems, while still keeping their employees safety at heart.

Teleworkr from TekMonks

Teleworkr isn’t just a remote worker software or just a cybersecurity software. It’s an ideal combination of both which allows organizations to ensure remote working can be a secure option for them.

  • Teleworkr is a secure and managed remote access solution that requires NO additional software beyond a web browser to access.
  • Secure multi factor login.
  • Remote working desk - showing co-workers working together, for a virtual office like experience, and subtle social psychology.
  • Role based access portal, ensures that only employees can access resources they are authorized to access.
  • SmartFirewall with “Virtual Segmented Network” isolation, protecting your organization and remote workers in such a way that hackers can’t even find a network path to the remote machines.


How does Teleworkr Work?

Teleworkr - How does it work?

Simple Installation

Just install the Teleworkr agent on the users’ desktops via central push or the users can self install. No need to modify the corporate network.

Reach out to us today and reference our COVID-19 special to receive 90 days free to help your organization get through the current rough waters and still stay productive!

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