IBM Websphere Solutions

IBM WebSphere Software

IBM WebSphere is a leading integration and application infrastructure software platform. IBM WebSphere solutions bring leading end-to-end middleware capabilities so you can create, consume and secure applications in the most flexible way, on and off premise. Built on open standards and open source, IBM WebSphere can meet development and integration needs for business applications with enterprise quality of service.

WebSphere delivers three primary categories of business benefits:

  • The WebSphere Application and Transaction infrastructure reduces the risk of outages and poor e-business performance
  • WebSphere Portals strengthen business relationships across employees, customers, partners, and suppliers
  • WebSphere Business Integration creates competitive advantage through operational efficiency and business flexibility

TekMonks Your IBM WebSphere Partner

An IBM Advanced Certified Partner, TekMonks has been creating WebSphere software based platforms for its clients using since our inception. TekMonks' WebSphere consulting services can help you develop and deploy your WebSphere software solution. Leverage our WebSphere consulting services to help you design and develop your WebSphere based solution, and install and configure software, and our WebSphere infrastructure services to address issues such as system administration, security, scalability and availability.

Take advantage of TekMonks' WebSphere consultants deep, technical skills to migrate smoothly from legacy environments to a WebSphere solution. And gain the advice you need to achieve your infrastructure performance objectives.

Develop New or Migrate Existing Software Solutions Efficiently

TekMonks offers full-fledged WebSphere Software Consulting services. We support across the board WebSphere Software Portfolio, including:

  • WebSphere Application Server
  • WebSphere MQ
  • WebSphere BPM
  • WebSphere Commerce
  • WebSphere Message Broker
  • WebSphere Data Power

Equipped with the above skills, TekMonks has created a variety of business applications. Some of them are:

  • Banking Payment Integration System for a Large Bank
  • Health Care Business Process Automation
  • Insurance Agent Management Solution
  • Integration with Government Institutions
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Corporate Intranet

Implement A Successful WebSphere Software Solution

The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful software implementation lies in correctly understanding your needs and developing a plan accordingly.

We provide full lifecycle WebSphere consulting services. Starting from an analysis of your business requirements, to mapping it to the product capabilities, and developing an accurate future application architecture. As part of the solution implementation, TekMonks WebSphere developers also help install your WebSphere solution in a test environment, develop the solution architecture, and then develop applications for the production environment. Finally conducting necessary verification testing to help ensure a successful solution implementation. With proven track record, we are one of the very few IT Companies that can develop an end-to-end WebSphere Software Solution.