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TekMonks Worldwide
TekMonks is a Global Software Company co-headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada and Chicago, IL, USA. We are a truly Global company with offices in 6 countries, Canada, USA, Japan, UK, Singapore and India, and 3 continents, North America, Europe and Asia.

Technology is Global, So Should be your IT Partner
Technology crosses all global boundaries, what happens in one part of the tech world affects the other. Technology is known to disrupt entrenched businesses worldwide; Facebook, Google, and Uber are prime examples of new technology growing in a disruptive pattern, affecting entrenched businesses worldwide. Google disrupted entrenched advertising companies and models, Facebook disrupted entrenched communication businesses and patterns, and now Uber is disrupting entrenched transportation companies. The world of tech is global, the disruptive effects of tech are global, so you need a tech partner that has a global coverage, a global perspective and global knowledge - that's TekMonks.

TekMonks is built on the knowledge and quality of our consultants and we all share an absolute passion for building world class Enterprise Software and working with clients globally, enhancing and providing leading edge technical solutions, with low risks and reasonable costs.

What do one of the world's largest insurance company, one of the world's largest health care networks, one of the world's largest airport share? - TekMonks is their Enterprise Technology Provider of Choice
In Enterprise Software, there is no one size fits all, so we adopt a customized approach to each project and each client. We take pride in being an intellectual powerhouse of global repute known for our innovation and client focus.

From running one of the world's largest health care network, to establishing the producer management system for one of the world's largest insurance companies, to handling the nerve center of operations for one of the world's largest airports, TekMonks has all the relevant credentials and experience and a proven track record of success.

We understand business realities and have the technical skills and experience required to bridge the gap between your business goals, and today's technology solutions.

The pedigree of our world wide clientele is a testimony to our success, and our skills.

Contact us and let us pleasantly surprise you!