5 Basic Cybersecurity Tips For Small Business

  • By Megha Mittal
  • Published on 13 March 2018

Most of the small business owners don’t consider cybersecurity as a priority. The survey shows that 87% of the small-business owners don’t feel that they are at risk of cyberattacks. But the truth is small businesses are more vulnerable to hacks. Nearly 6 in 10 small businesses report they have experienced a cyberattack. Approximately half of the small businesses have already been a victim. The hackers find small business more appealing, as they don’t consider cybersecurity as a serious issue.

Once the business fell a victim to any data breach, they suffer a huge loss, not only in business, but also the relationship with customers, employees and vendors. One of the most common methods used by hackers for small businesses is phishing email. Once clicked on that email, the hackers will have the opportunity to steal complete information from the company. Hackers also target the business website as they are usually not made with the security measures in mind.

The cyber threats are emerging with technology and every single business needs to adopt cybersecurity measures on a priority. Here are a few measures that will help small business to defend against cyberattacks.

Secure your network

Safeguard your network connection with a firewall and encrypting information. Also, the Wi-Fi used in your business could be an easy way to access data. So, secure the Wi-Fi by only giving the access to the employees. Prevent sharing the passwords even to the employees. For any guest users, set up a different network. This will prevent outsider accessing your network and thus the less possibility of getting hacked.

Training to employees

Create a cybersecurity policy, including the cybersecurity best practices that employees should follow. The policy should include the procedures to keep employees, customer and vendor information safe. The employee should create a strong and unique password for each account.

Back up all data

Be sure to back up all data stored in the cloud. Regularly back up the data you have on your system. If any information goes missing, you should have the backup copy to yourself. All the copies you have should be secured with encryption and passwords.

Protect computers against viruses, spyware and other malicious code

Every business computer should have antivirus software and antispyware with regular updates. The software vendors also provide the patches and update their software for more security and better functionality.

Purchase a cybersecurity solution

To meet the advanced cyberattacks, every business should have a solution to strengthen the cybersecurity. A business should have a cybersecurity solution to cover a wide range of security bundles to protect your applications, computers, USB drives and networks.

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