Artificial Intelligence - The Future Of Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence - The Future Of Cybersecurity

All the previous years we have seen the growing number of cyberattacks. Hackers are rapidly coming up with new attacks and threats. Each device we use today is vulnerable to cyberattack. With the growing technologies, hackers are adopting updated techniques to sabotage the system they target.

The frightening truth about increasing cyberattacks is that most cybersecurity industries and other businesses are still not prepared.

Beyond the unpreparedness, the workforce in cybersecurity industries is not able to meet the demand. By 2021, It is expected that around 3.5 million positions in cybersecurity industry will be unfulfilled worldwide. As a result, their existing team will be expected to work harder and longer. But this is not the solution, as it can be difficult for them to respond to the threats appropriately and effectively.

Now the question arises…What is the future of Cybersecurity?

Experts predict that 2018 will be the year of the machine-on-machine attack. Hackers will come up with AI cyberattacks which will be almost impossible for humans to stop.

Is AI really the future of Cybersecurity?

Considering the state of cybersecurity today, it is believed that AI can be a real turning point in cybersecurity. The best way to defend against AI attacks is the AI based cybersecurity solution. The AI-based solution will provide real-time protection and take the decision on its own to block the suspicious user and files. This could be a battle of AI vs AI.

All the top companies are spending more on AI and Cybersecurity. In the last few years, there has been an increase in start-ups around cybersecurity solutions.

Using AI and Machine Learning to detect threats.

The new AI algorithm is using Machine Learning over the time. The AI-based cybersecurity solution relies on ML to gather data from the previous cyberattacks to respond to the new similar attacks. ML emulates human cognition, i.e. learning based on experience and patterns rather than by cause and effect. The recent years have seen a rise in AI and ML technologies for enterprises.

Organisations are now using the AI Cybersecurity solution to offer protection against sophisticated hackers. Cybersecurity products with AI technology can automatically detect, analyse and defend against advanced attacks by proactively detecting and tricking attackers.

Now, the cybersecurity professionals are using the automation process to utilize their time more effectively and to increase the job performance.

To address the future security concerns like cloud security, network security, application security, loT security and other device usage, the IT world are looking to adopt Artificial Intelligence-based cybersecurity tools.

On the other hand, attackers have started to deploy AI too. Enabling them to develop automated hacks that are able to learn about the system they target and hence, identify vulnerabilities easily.

Predicting the future, it is now a necessity to adopt a robust AI based cybersecurity solution. Before hackers reach you, safeguard your enterprise.

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