Cloud and Security - The nightmare awaits

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  • Published on 17 February 2015
Cloud and Security

Cloud Security - Fighting the same old battle

Cloud Security is an increasingly critical issue, as more and more businesses, as well as people, move to Cloud Applications. For example every other day we hear about a breach in some internet facing application or another. One needs to remember, beyond the hype, a cloud application is nothing but a simple web application. The same issues and breaches affect cloud applications, as regular internet applications.

Cloud Security Challenge

If your organization is using a cloud enabled application, and it gets hacked, it affects you. Some of the most important issues to consider are:


  • How rapidly will you detect the situation?
  • Can you adopt some solution to make your cloud logins much harder to hack?
  • How will you recover from a compromised cloud application, so that you are re-secure once the breach has been detected?
  • Hackers hack in order to gain a financial advantage. The sooner you detect the hack, the lesser the advantage. How do you detect a compromised account as quick as possible?
  • How will you prevent loss of confidential data? Arguably the answer to this is simple - encrypt all your cloud enabled datastores.

But I thought there were stronger solutions out there?

No there really aren't. For example

  • Two factor authentication How many of us actually find it convenient to look at our cell every time we need to login to our email? What happens if you don't have the cell handy? Or if it gets stolen? How much more inconvenient will it be to lose access to all your cloud applications and when you lose your cell, at the same time?
  • Biometric? Thumb? - Every thing you touch will now contain your password. This is one of the easiest "security measures" to break. There are at least 7 different currently known ways to defeat this. For example, hackers have shown rubber prints can be constructed to defeat fingerprint based authentication.
  • Iris? Megapixel cameras can steal your Iris patterns.
  • Facial Identification? Face masks take care of defeating this security measure.
  • Good old passwords? Well they get hacked!

TekMonks' LoginCat Technology

We at TekMonks have spent our entire careers consulting for large Enterprises. We have seen these security issues, and the proposed solutions, none of which are practical, or that much more secure. TekMonks is developing a comprehensive Cloud Security Solution which handles these Cloud Security Challenges while avoiding the pitfalls of all the above listed proposed solutions.

Due to various Patents and NDAs we are unable to share our solution publicly. Contact us for details.