Corby – Artificial Intelligence Core Banking Bot

Corby – AI Core Banking Bot

The term Corby means Core-Banking. Core banking system is a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions, and posts updates to accounts and other financial records.

Corby is the foremost Artificial Intelligence banking bot which not only answers customer’s questions but also performs complete banking transactions.

Why Corby

Banking has undergone a major transformation. Advancements in Internet and information technology reduced manual work in banks and increased their efficiency. Now, the world's next big bank will be AI-powered, introducing robotics or chatbots in banking.

It is believed that in future not only bank’s physical branches but also the bank’s website and apps will be replaced by AI bots that can perform banking based on natural language.

Corby is the AI core banking platform which allows your bank to be with minimal risk and investment. It is a platform, designed to be a core banking Artificial Intelligence platform. Corby guarantees reliable transactions and non-repudiation to conform to banking regulations and standards.

Corby Features

  • User Authentication – PCI compliant
    • Out of box integration with existing ID systems
    • Multi factor authentication compliant
  • Transfers
    • Between accounts
    • Bill payments
    • SWIFT transfers / GIRO / ABA Routing
    • eTransfers to Friends and Family
    • Add / modify / delete payees
  • Services
    • Branch / ATM locator
    • Calling facility
  • Bank Statements
  • Other services
    • Report stolen cards

What makes Corby different and reliable?

Corby is designed with various banking regulations and standards in mind

  • It is fully PCI compliant
  • Strong authentication
  • Not vulnerable to Phishing or emerging threats
  • Built in non-repudiation and transaction manager
  • Compliant with all banking regulations like AML, transaction limits, etc.

Corby is designed to be a core banking platform

  • Buy versus Build – best of breed features and continuous evolution
  • Built on strong Enterprise Technology that already powers most  banking systems
  • Template based, customizable to bring online other products and processes within one integrated Core Banking Platform.

Onboarding Corby with zero risk & quick speed

Yes, no resources required while going on board and no changes made to the existing system with minimum cost. This is because Corby embeds TekMonks’ AI Web Agent engine allowing Corby to carry out transactions using existing Online Banking Website, thus requiring zero changes to existing systems, and ensuring compliance with all banking regulations already built into the core systems, automatically!


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