Iphone Application Development

Enteprise Mobile Solutions on iOS Platform

With an easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and security at its core, iOS is the foundation of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is designed to look beautiful and work beautifully, so even the simplest tasks are more engaging. And because iOS is engineered to take full advantage of the advanced technologies built into Apple hardware, your devices are always years ahead from day one to day whenever.

TekMonks has been on the bleeding edge of iOS development, almost from our inception. Since 2010 TekMonks has been a pioneer in the field of mobile app development. Starting for our first app for iOS, a mobile payment platform, TekMonks' iOS consultants have been creating robust Enterprise applications for the Apple ecosystem for years. Ranging from conceptualization to system architecture, to integration with your backend applications, TekMonks elevates iOS platform to into a capable Enterprise mobility platform.

With IBM's alliance with Apple and our skills in IBM's worklight, TekMonks can not only develop your enterprise application, but publish and support in a Private Enterprise App Store on the iOS.

We perform stringent testing and quality checks to ensure that our Eneterprise clients and their end customers can expect the best in Enterprise mobility experience from our iOS apps.

From Finance, to Mobile Payment Processors, our iOS mobility clients range the entire spectrum of the Enterprise market.

Enterprise iOS Services Offered by TekMonks

TekMonks has created a number of seamless iOS applications for its clients. Besides delivering quality services, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction. Our services include:

  • Highly Skilled and experienced iOS consultants
  • A focus on Enterprise iOS Mobility and cross platform security
  • Absolute focus on project delivery within agreed timeframes
  • Support for both iPhones and iPads
  • An obsession with design, to enhance usability
  • Maintenance and support after product delivery
  • Fully secure source code

A Sampling iOS Applications Developed by TekMonks

TekMonks has created a variety of iOS applications for its clients. Some of our applications are:

  • Payment POS A secure, iPad based POS system for retail clients.
  • GeoRetail An internal geolocation based, retail application. One of the technology demonstrators for Qualcomm's Gimbal platform.
  • Clinic Management App A healthcare application for North American walk-in clinics. Can be used to book Doctor Appointments, without having to wait on calls. Saves the time of the clinic and results in better patient experience.